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RSOAP Presentation – JICA Tourism Course: Tourism Promotion & Marketing

Name of the event:JICA Tourism Course: Tourism Promotion & Marketing

Theme:UNWTO Role in Recovery in COVID-19 – Tourism Promotion & Marketing

Place: Online

The presentation was organized by JICA on January 25th, 2021

Every year, JICA invites officers who are related to tourism sectors from developing countries for this course ‘Tourism Promotion & Marketing’. They come to Japan and learn about tourism marketing and promotion strategies with site visits.

However, the situation under the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow for this to happen this year. JICA changed the contents drastically adapting the situation and conduct this training remotely.

RSOAP was asked for a lecture request to conduct a presentation for the remote training.

JICA was seeking information for the training participants on;

① Foreseen of with/post corona tourism in the world.

② Examples of safety protocols or guideline for tourism sectors under the pandemic, advices for tourism sectors in developing countries from UNWTO

③ The current status and challenges of tourism crisis management in developing countries and regions.

④ Examples of Tourism Crisis Management in Developing Countries and Regions
in relation to UNWTO’s activities.

⑤ Present status and outlook of the post-corona era, prospect of tourism development itself in developing countries and regions.

Assisted contribute information on crisis management for developing countries.

There was 29 participants from 19 different countries; Botswana, Egypt, Jordan, Lesotho, North Macedonia, Zimbabwe, Kiribati, Timor-Leste, Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Vanuatu, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Georgia, Iraq, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey



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