Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific (RSOAP)

RSOAP was established in Japan in 1995 with the aim of promoting tourism in the Asia-Pacific region , where tourism is rapidly growing, and strengthening cooperation between countries in the region. Currently, we are based in Nara, and in 2017 we set up a Tokyo office in the United Nations University (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).

Our office encourages sustainable tourism policies and practices to maximize socioeconomic contributions, while minimizing the negative impact through tourism promotion in collaboration with the Regional Department for Asia and the Pacific of UNWTO Headquarters (Madrid, Spain).

Our activities

Building partnerships

Build close connections with governments, the private sector and academic institutions through conferences, workshops, seminars and research projects.

Promoting sustainable tourism

In collaboration with the Sustainable Development of Tourism Department in UNWTO Headquarters, bring about optimal use of environmental resources in UNWTO member states, respect for cultural legitimacy in host countries/areas and maximize socioeconomic benefits.

Public relations

Raise awareness of UNWTO’s priorities in the Asia-Pacific region by promoting international tourism related events, forums and conferences through relationships with media.

Providing educational and training opportunities

Enhance development of human resources through workshops in educational training and tourism research publications , and information sharing on innovative trends in tourism.