RSOAP presentation at Papua New Guinea, Divine Word University


Name of the event:2020 Liklik Diwai Tourism & Hospitality Virtual Conference

Theme:Promoting and Fostering Tourism Knowledge via Technology
Your lecture theme: UNWTO Role in Recovery in COVID19 in Asia & the Pacific


Place: Madang, Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea

Number of participants:181 students and staff

The virtual conference was organized by Tourism & Hospitality Department of the Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea on October 9, 2020

The virtual conference was hosted as an authentic assessment for the unit TH415 Events Management, undertaken by the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management final year students. This undergraduate level 7 course is offered at Divine Word University in Papua New Guinea. It aims to assess students’ ability to work in teams in planning, organizing, hosting, managing and evaluating a real event, by applying the concepts learnt in theory.

The purpose of this event was for students to acquire the necessary applied expertise and knowledge from their experience and from undertaking roles and responsibilities at various stages of the event (planning, organizing, hosting, managing and evaluating).

The event took place at Divine Word University’s Madang campus, in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea.

RSOAP was invited to provide a presentation on ‘UNWTO Role in Recovery in COVID19 in Asia & the Pacific’. Ms Alcinda Trawen provided a presentation for 20minutes. She introduced UNWTO/ RSOAP and latest COVID19 tourism Statistics, with a focus on UNWTO COVID-19 initiatives, especially Innovation initiatives.

Assisted contribute to the students successfully planning, organizing, hosting, managing and evaluating a tourism event under the conference genre that is significant to acquiring information, knowledge and proficiency through technology enhancement approach.

The overall participants to the event were 181 mostly from Papua New Guinea.

Internal stakeholders: Divine Word University internal stakeholders included the University administration, the Faculty of Business and Informatics staff and students, the department staff and students as well as the students in the class of THM Year4.

External stakeholders: These included the speakers, sponsors, supplies, community and Press/media.

Divine Word University, Tourism & Hospitality Department