Presentation about UNWTO and its efforts to lead the way towards a global sustainable tourism recovery


Title: Presentation about UNWTO and its efforts to lead the way towards a global sustainable tourism recovery

Date: 17th December 2021

Place: Online

Theme: Sustainable tourism recovery after COVID-19  

Participants: Scholars and students from Hokkaido University, as well as tourism stakeholders from Hokkaido.


The presentation was delivered online on the occasion of  a special  webinar focused on UNWTO’s intervention entitled “UNWTO and COVID-19: leading the way for a sustainable recovery of tourism”. It was organized by the Centre of Advanced Tourism Studies of Hokkaido University, an UNWTO Affiliate Member in collaboration with the UNWTO Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Bullet points:

The presentation touched upon the following topics:


Presentation of UNWTO and the Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific (RSOAP)’ s mission, services and Member’s network, as well as the importance of UNWTO’s mandate for tourism to be recognized as a key enabler to achieve the SDGs.

  • International tourism and COVID-19, and a look at Europe

Highlight on the results of international tourism arrivals for 2020 and 2021, with a focus on the good results for the summer 2021 compared with the same period in 2020. Review of the evolution of travel restrictions and the prospects for the recovery of international tourism in the future. Explanation of the latest international tourists’ behaviour trends to look out for since the start of the pandemic. And exploration of Europe markets trends as an example of improved international tourism performance as a market and destination over the summer 2021 compared with the same period in 2020.

  • Good case studies supporting the recovery of the tourism sector

Presentation of case studies from Europe, The Pacific and North America on tourism product development boosting domestic tourism, innovative initiative to attract key international tourism source market and market intelligence procedures for the monitoring of seasonality issues.

  • UNWTO initiatives and resources on sustainable development for tourism

Some key initiatives from UNWTO were highlighted such as the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme and its deriving star initiatives, the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative and the Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism, the UNWTO International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories, the Measuring Sustainable Tourism framework and he Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.  

  • Tourism and COVID-19 recovery resources

Highlights of the available resources to monitor the COVID-19 socio-economic impacts on and recovery progress of international tourism via the UNWTO Dashboards, and policy and recommendation guidance for a sustainable and inclusive sector for the future in UNWTO’s landmark reports.  

The webinar’s participants gave positive feedback and asked pertinent questions with regards to the lingering impact of the pandemic on the tourism sector and its impacts on the mindset of travellers and host destinations.